Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orange
Chair wood acrylic plexiglass blue
Chair 625 forms a strong, but subtle wooden stage on which a wide variety of seats and backrests can be fitted, attached by straps in a straight-forward fashion. With its handmade wooden frame and traditional joinery, it is destined to be a true family member for years to come.

The chair features 25 different seats and backrests in cast acrylic and handmade plywood. Since these can be fitted and changed quickly, the chair can look different at any given time. When we mingle the seats and backrests, the chair can show up to 625 different combinations of colours and textures.

Any desired configuration can be chosen, but a chair can also be given multiple sets, allowing it to change colour over time, following the change of seasons, the vibe of tomorrow or the feeling of next year.
Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orangeDetail chair wood acrylic plywood and plexiglass yellow greenDetail chair wood acrylic plexiglass blue
Inspired by traditional joinery and the beauty of European hardwood, Chair 625 saw the light of day in the workshop of its designer Thomas Litière. He designed the chair to be strong, simple and elegant. “As if it’s as much a chair as a chair can be”

The geometry is strong, yet quiet, giving space to the woodgrain and details. As a whole, however, it only becomes a chair when meeting its complement: the contrasting seat and backrest.

Since the soul of each chair is found in its wooden frame, the designer insists on building every chair by hand. Using ancient joinery techniques like mortise and tenon joints and dowel connections, the chair is given the strength and character of traditional woodcraft.
Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orange
Acrylic seats & backrests
8mm cast design acryliclaser-cut with soft edgesavailable in 18 different colours
Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orange
Plywood seats & backrests
handmade out of locally harvested veneer
available in 7 types of wood
oak - beech - maple - elm - walnut - chestnut - horse chestnut
Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orange
air wood acrylic plexiglass yellow green against background
Handmade wooden frame
traditional joinery in locally harvested European hardwood
available in 6 types of wood
oak - beech - maple - robinia - elm - pear
Detail chair wood acrylic plexiglass orange
air wood acrylic plexiglass yellow green against background
Price: 820 € incl. VAT
Every chair is handmade on request by the designer.
Additional sets - seat and backrest - possible.
Dimensions: 40x44 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Chair wood acrylic different colours
Feel welcome to visit our showroom and explore the available wood types and the broad collection of acrylic and plywood. Just contact us to schedule a visit.

When visiting the showroom - which is actually our lovely living room - each one of the 625 different configurations can be made and explored in a meeting with the chair and the designer.

Stay tuned...

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