It has always been materials and their inherent beauty. Thomas Litière considers materials to be the starting point and the soul of every design. It starts out with the desire to work with a certain material: when learning about a material, discovering its beauty and its properties, it tells us everything. The material tells us about its strengths, its character, how it can be worked and how it wants to be applied. When we surround ourselves by materials, handling them and working them, great ideas arise.

With a background as an industrial designer, Thomas Litière has always been passionate about woodworking and traditional joinery. Building wooden furniture by hand in his workshop, he is convinced that traditional wood joinery remains a cornerstone of quality furniture.
Man with chair concrete in background black and white
Man with chair concrete in background black and white
In his work, Thomas looks for contrast between the warm friendliness of wood and other materials. In these combinations, he aims to discover and emphasize the character of each material and the contrast between them.

The design ideas emerge from the materials themselves and show new ways of application that are out of the ordinary. The work of Thomas Litière is characterized by minimalistic geometry, giving space to the beauty and the details of the materials within. Every piece shows a strong love for materials, contrast and their details.

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